Auto Accident Injury FAQs

Auto Accident Treatment: How Chiropractic Care in Rockledge Can Help You Recover

Going through an auto accident can be tough, and finding the right chiropractor to help you heal from your injury is key to getting your health back on track. At Brevard Chiropractic & Injury Center in Rockledge, FL, Dr. Bortz is here to provide the auto accident treatment you need to get back to feeling your best. 


Common Auto Accident Injuries

Misalignment of the spine occurs in many car accidents. The jarring impact of the force of the accident can cause the spine, neck, and shoulders to shift, resulting in whiplash, headaches, back pain, and other issues that can make it tough to get back to your normal activities. 

Sometimes, car accident injuries do not become apparent until days or weeks after the impact occurred. It's important to ensure that your spine is properly aligned following a car accident, even if you do not have pain following the incident. 

Chiropractic Auto Accident Treatment

Thankfully, chiropractic care provides a pharmaceutical-free, holistic healthcare method of getting your body back on track after an auto accident. Many types of chiropractic treatments can provide you with the pain relief you need, including spinal alignment and decompression. 

Your First Appointment: What To Expect

If you're new to our clinic, your first appointment will start with a consultation, during which we'll go over your medical history. We'll talk to you about other injuries you've had in the past, and discuss the details of your accident, to help us better understand whether chiropractic care is a good fit for your needs. 

If we decide that it makes sense to move forward with chiropractic care, you may have your first adjustment on the same day as your first appointment. Dr. Bortz will gently adjust your neck and spine, sometimes resulting in an immediate lessening of pain. We'll go over a long-term care plan, schedule your next appointment, and potentially give you strategies you can use at home to continue to encourage your body's natural healing process. 

Auto Accident Treatment at Brevard Chiropractic & Injury Center in Rockledge, FL

If you've been through a car accident, it's important that you seek treatment from a chiropractor to help your body recover as quickly and efficiently as possible. At Brevard Chiropractic & Injury Center in Rockledge, FL, Dr. Bortz and the rest of our team will work with you to assess your condition and create a treatment plan to get you back on track. Call 321-631-1100 to schedule your first appointment and learn more about how we can help.  

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